Happy Summer!! Happy light-at-the-end-of -the-Covid-tunnel! It’s been a big year, full of ….. everything. More than we anticipated, I’m sure.  But it did give me a chance to reassess what’s important to me, and how I want to spend my time. 

During the pandemic, I wrote lots of new songs. Some of them have been performed by the MDUUC HouseBand, like “Survival Stew” (watch here ).  I have a new CD in the works, and also a book of hymns and meditations.  I am still teaching guitar, piano, voice and  songwriting.   “SongC.R.A.F.T.- Writing Songs in your Authentic Voice” the BOOK, became an Amazon #1 Bestseller, and  the popularity of the SongC.R.A.F.T. workshops I have conducted has tipped me towards focusing on helping writers articulate their vision, and find their authentic voice.  Look for more workshops in the near future, and/or, contact me for one-on-one songwriting coaching  You can buy a copy of the book from my store right here, or visit www.mysongcraft.com to learn more. 

The 2017 release, Say Yes, is still making tracks (pun intended) after its debut on the FOLK-DJ charts at #5.   And  Say Yes (along with the prior 4 cds)  is available right here, and on iTunes, Spotify and other digital outlets.


The Crosses of Lafayette are STILL up, and I continue to play my song “Memorial Day” at each vigil, as promised. Last year’s shares got the video as far as Hong Kong. Feel free to share it with friends near OR far on Memorial Day, Veterans’ Day, or ANY day you feel like taking up the rallying cry to end war.

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If you need a special song for a special occasion, consider having one written just for you, please visit my new page, above, MILESTONE MUSIC. I am accepting a limited number of song commissions this spring/summer. What better tribute to your someone than a song of his/her own?

THANK YOU for your support of original music in general, and of mine in particular. I hope we get to see one another at a show sometime soon!!